I recently met with Mariana Antinori to learn how the most prescient leader of Italian fashion on Madison Avenue established her remarkable design niche. I also wanted to know how she evolved her beautiful reputation and the strong bonds and relationships that her friends and customers value.

Please accept my invitation to stop in and visit with Mariana Antinori. When you visit her shop, you will find a warm welcome and see that every exquisite hand-selected piece is unique.

The story about how Mariana’s reputation came about is remarkable. She descended from a great Florentine family where cultural and familial bonds have always been strong among Italy’s oldest families. As a family insider, Mariana has access to private network of elite designers and craftspeople, long proven elusive to outsiders. As a result, her exclusivity, insights and discerning taste became the cornerstones of her legendary name.

Photo by Raoul Didisheim, 2013

Mariana knows the alchemy of luxury and understands that real luxury trades on two attributes, speciality and exclusivity.

In 2012, Mariana introduced New Yorkers to the most stunning new generation of Italian jewelry and accessory designers virtually unknown in America.

She is one of a kind. She has the finest eye for style and design in Manhattan, sources the most exclusive fashion accessories, is a trusted advisor, and an ultimate storyteller. Her collections are a direct reflection of her design philosophy.

Mariana Antinori is fashion’s best friend to women who value discerning uniqueness and are looking for sophistication for special lifestyle moments.

Mary Olson: What do you recommend for women who would treasure something uniquely special for the holidays?

Mariana Antinori: Well, the mission of our shop is about speciality, but some interesting items that are new for the holidays include woven leather evening clutches with semi-precious stones from Capri. We also have some wonderful new collections of fine and costume jewelry pieces that I’m excited about.

OLSON: How do you see your collections evolving for the spring of 2016?

ANTINORI: I will continue to support Italian design by bringing smaller yet exclusive merchandise and evoking a highly personal shopping experience, but will expand the fine and costume jewelry. I think this is a special niche that is lacking in the market.

OLSON: Your trunk shows are important events. What are your thoughts as you build your following?

ANTINORI: I carry items that can’t be found elsewhere, and the trunk shows augment that. They allow designers the opportunity to expose their creations and give my customers a chance to see new things that they are not going to find in other stores. There is a great wealth of talent that I have access to, and I enjoy being able to share it.

OLSON: How important is understated luxury to you?

ANTINORI: To me, understated luxury means quality of life. It refers to beauty and style, original design and patterns, fabrics and the right proportions. It’s not about brands. That’s what my customers understand.


Mariana Antinori
1242 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10128 USA


Interview by Mary Olson
Phone: 917.656.1856

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