Laura Brown's, How to Write Anything is the first book I've seen that addresses the very core of writing for today's communications channels. Writing and communications rules and guidelines for new our digital culture have simply not been available…until now. The lessons in this book are for everybody. I felt that it was immeasurably relevant to me—digital communication is my profession, and I learned something on every page. Even the simple question "How does one reach a colleague?" has become a struggle in the current environment, and How to Write Anything offers practical, do-able advice and guidance that everyone can use to improve their written communication in the digital age. The tone is intelligent, gracious, and caring; and the content provides real honest-to-goodness skill building. I really hope that this will be required reading in high schools, colleges, and businesses. Every marketing and HR department should buy How to Write Anything for distribution to new hires–it applies to every professional business person.

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