C-Suite executive roles are diminishing at a rapid pace while technology and social culture are generating new levels of complexities for leadership and governance.

The bias is toward short-term solutions. Materialization of rapid results is de rigueur these days.

Today, many C-Suite execs operate without an explicit contract(1) and face obvious decreased job security. The probability of turnover is the highest in today’s market mainly because of the shortened executive contractual time horizons.

Many C-Suite executives see the end of the runway as these forces cause them to transform into outside advisors.

Here are the primary attributes of today’s outside C-Suite advisors:

  • Appetite for the forces of change
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets
  • Focused on brand value, customer experience and technology

What’s next for you? How do you leverage your expertise? Most importantly, how do you frame your identity, create new opportunities and communicate your value?

It is useful to consider personal branding. A well-designed personal brand is a major driver for leveraging your value, identity and attracting new opportunities.


Those of us who perceive the value of personal branding already appreciate logo design, brand identity systems and the financial valuation of the brands we manage.

Your name is the anchor of your identity. Your core message and its relevance demonstrate the value you offer. Developing a meaningful relationship with your brand’s viewers is a vital part of the path to engagement.

Personal branding requires a commitment of time, budget and resources. Invest in yourself.

Consider the value of making yourself invaluable.

(1) Ref: http://www.lse.ac.uk/finance/people/profiles/pdfs/xu/costsandbenefits.pdf


Writing in Fast Company in 2007, Tom Peters made the bold statement, “to be in business today, our most important job is to be the head marketer for the brand called You.” In 2013, 6 years later, the notion of personal branding is no longer revolutionary—it’s an absolute necessity for doing business. Professional branding is key to distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. By taking charge of your own brand, you can highlight your professional achievements and control the way the market perceives you. Whether you’re actively looking for new opportunities or simply curating your professional identity, a personal-brand website declares to the world who you are, what you value, and what you can do. And as we move into the new year, there is no better time to embrace the potential of professional branding for your career.

Marie McKee, a client of mine since 1999, is one of the savvy business people who embraced the notion of professional individual branding in preparation for 2013. Marie is an accomplished innovator and business leader who is currently the president of the Corning Museum of Glass, overseeing the $64 million North Wing expansion project. Her professional brand has been launched at MarieMcKee.biz.

Marie’s site combines a strategically crafted statement of her expertise and brand position with a stunning visual portfolio of her work. The results? MarieMcKee.biz expresses and controls Marie’s identity and influence online. Through her personal site, Marie lets the world know who she is, showcases her remarkable leadership skills, and invites new opportunities.

What would you like to showcase this year? What opportunities would you like to attract? Colleagues and clients alike trust me as an intelligent source of innovation and insight. If you like the branding we developed for Marie, I'd like to collaborate with you on your professional brand.

Let's talk about branding your name in 2013!


Is it too soon to talk about Globalized Personal Branding? There are many signs that globally integrated enterprises and prescient start-ups are investing heavily in innovative talent. To be a player here in the U.S. or anywhere, you need to establish a personal branding website that clearly defines your identity and positions your value. It requires rethinking how you perceive your identity and then shaping other's experience. We need personal branding as a framework for our digital narrative. Why? To control our names, images, and personal and professional data, and to shape the way we are perceived and understood in the market. By branding your name, you have the power over your assets, aspirations and the market realities for a competitive advantage whether you position yourself as a global asset or not.


I have always believed in the power of the brand experience to drive business growth and professional value, and understand that in today's market managing brands is essential not only for businesses, but also for individuals.

I am excited to launch Transition Network's new Personal Branding website services. Powered by superb brand strategy and exceptional design, our service helps you define, position, and manage your personal brand at the highest level.

Professionals, executives, innovators, and celebrities who understand the value of managing their brand will benefit from our Personal Branding services. Since we are positioning Personal Branding as a private client service, I am extending our first invitation to my own business network. It's easy to contact me here …or …Feel free to call me at 917.656.1856 or use the email icon to find out how we can help you build your personal brand, transform your marketability, and generate new business opportunities.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Please visit www.transitionet.com to find out more about our Personal Branding services, and www.MaryOlson.biz to view my own Personal Branding website.


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