MailChimp is a high-performance marketing platform with a rock solid infrastructure to power email marketing. MailChimp is yet another fearless and responsive innovator among the recipients of my 2014 BRANDS TO WATCH list.

Co-Founders, Dan Kurzius and Ben Chestnut recognized the importance of their own data intelligence and user trends. Ever since launching the brand in 2001, Kurzius and Chestnut have demonstrated flexibility and industry-wide leadership. For instance, they looked at the rapidly changing mobile landscape, went through a rigorous redesign, and made MailChimp Mobile universal.

Mail Chimp is a great marketing tool. It provides an easy way for users to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists and track campaign performance. Over 5 million people in 200 countries use MailChimp send more than 4 billion emails a month through MailChimp.

It offers a variety of basic and advanced features (like templates, list segmentation, a/b testing, geo-targeting and ROI tracking) and makes them accessible to the everyday user through automation and a competitive price point.

Its platform uses an open API and encourages other systems and web applications to integrate with its email-marketing engine.

Currently they offer integrations with systems such as PayPal, Google Analytics, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and several others.

According to Ben Chestnut, “People just want to get their work done with whatever tools they can get their hands on. We just want to help them get that work done easily.”

Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dan Kurzius, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer
512 Means Street NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318
Tel: 678.999.0141
Web: MailChimp.com

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