If you are like me, you need effective tools for measuring your clients’ creative marketing campaigns and reporting ROI. Have you ever been introduced to a toolset that also measures your online influence?

KLOUT is on my list of BRANDS TO WATCH in 2014 because it is the premiere driver of brand influence today.

Active web users create 500 billion influence impressions every year about products, brands and services. KLOUT’S business tools empower marketers to identify and engage with millions of top influencers increasing earned media and improving brand lift.

The world’s best brands already use KLOUT FOR BUSINESS to target and engage top influencers, amplify messages and increase marketing ROI. Impressive success stories are available on KLOUT.COM including brands like Motorola, American Airlines, Doritos, SYFY, Olympus Has Fallen, GILT, Red Bull, CAA, SONY, and more.

Co-founders Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran are Web experienced serial entrepreneurs who have built a great brand; a highly resourceful team and thrive on big, complex challenges.

KLOUT’s first seed amount was $1.5M in 2009 and funding moved forward to Series A, $1.5M in 2010; Series B, $8.5M in 2011; and series C, $30M in 2012 for a total of $40M.

Microsoft engaged in a venture round in 2012 bringing the BING search opportunity to the toolset. More equally savvy relationships are in the mix.

TechCrunch writes that KLOUT hasn’t just defied influential tech pundits, its social reputation has won them over. 2014 is sure to produce even greater recognition and increased growth from individuals and businesses. KLOUT is an exceptional brand that defines influence and is well-executed and brilliantly managed.

Website: Klout.com
Blog: Klout.com/blog
Twitter: @klout
Email: Contact@Klout.com
Office: 77 Stillman Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: 415-520-3951

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