AVATAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE’S (ARI) raison d’être is boosting innovation in a global environment. This remarkable think tank is launching its brand in 2014 and has been building its business model for nine years. AVATAR received a 501C3 nonprofit designation in 2013 and is set to cultivate the art of thinking together through designing environments for new knowledge creation and strengthening the innovation ecosystem.

Anna Duran, AVATAR’s visionary founder and recognized social scientist, realized the demand for cultural knowledge across sectors that include corporate, small business, government and national security.

One of AVATAR’s goals is to develop and implement a technology framework for quick access to global and cultural-based data and information. The ease in which this type of material can be gathered across sectors is becoming critical to the formation and success of research, practice and policy development projects that focus on boosting innovation in and implementing solutions to complex socio-political problems.

A second cornerstone of AVATAR is to develop the leadership preparation and performance of the STEM workforce, which as a result, can greatly improve the retention rates of women, minorities and international high ability talent within R&D environments. ARI has designed and developed global STEM team assessment tools that provide insight into key areas that improve innovation and idea formation processes in working teams.

Dr. Duran has gathered together key policy makers, researchers and educators to illuminate the think tank. Serving on the Board of Directors are Daryl Chubin, Candice Hughes, Cindy Leiton and Jolynn Shoemaker; all of whom have been instrumental in planning a portfolio of implementation projects for AVATAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

AVATAR’s commitment to developing new researchers and policy makers through its innovative cross-sector programs to work across disciplines and national boundaries are the reasons AVATAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE is a BRAND TO WATCH in 2014.

Anna Duran, Ph.D, Founder and President
Website: http://avatarresearchinstitute.org
Email: globemgt@msn.com

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